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Qui sommes nous ?

Created by an ex international student, TISC is an agency that provides you with all the essential assistance in attaining your academic, linguistic or professional projects abroad. Whether you are interested in seeking an education, taking language courses, an internship or a job abroad, we are here to help you through the process.

No matter what goal you seek, your level of English or academic status, our team will help orient you towards the best and suitable options for you. We provide a comprehensive service, covering every single and essential detail for your journey, ranging from applications to your plane ticket.


Our agency has the honor to officially represent a rich amalgamation of international universities all around the world. We provide a comprehensive and extensive advising and consultancy service by assisting those interested in higher education, training and professional opportunities abroad. Our services start from customized personal or group advising meetings, through which all requirements are considered and guidance provided appropriately if any linguistic or academic perquisites are missing. Once we along with our applicants have explored all the suitable options we proceed with the application procedure at their institutions of choice. Our assistance goes beyond the application process too, all the necessary details of their journey, as in travel to country of destination, reception upon arrival, housing, integration into the  academic establishment and continuous monitoring. 

Nos Objectifs

  Our founding purpose is to help students and professionals fulfill their potential, develop their skills and grow through all the academic, professional and cultural opportunities available aboard in order to attain success in their lives and become positive influences both in their communities abroad and in Tunisia.

  Our field of academic advising and consultancy is intensely  competitive  both internationally and locally, but we at TISC rejoice at that, since that means more and more people are now given the chance to change their lives and in turn the lives of those around them. What sets us apart though is the strong connection of international partnerships we have acquired with the biggest academic companies and universities in the world, our determination to get every single applicant to where he aims to be and most significantly our really low fees for the extensive services we offer. We at TISC are truly a non-profit, set up to get all those that need help to where they deserve to be. 

Nos partenaires

We have managed to build a strong network of partnerships with worldwide renowned universities in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France etc.  We are constantly working on strengthening and developing our network.


Nos Tarifs

TISC provides free academic advising and consulting services in return for a standard membership fee. Our agency does not apply any extra fees to the expenses required by the universities and schools.

Pourquoi Nous Choisir ?

    TISC provides advising and placement abroad services for the lowest fees in the market.

 We assist an average of 300 students per year in pursuing their academic and professional goals in France, Canada, USA, UK and Germany.

  We organize each year special intensive preparation sessions as well for international tests such as GMAT and the Tage Mage (for students seeking to attend the best French Business schools).  We are in addition continuously active in academic events like ICEF, WEBA workshop, etc.



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Nous prenons en charge votre inscription dans un délais de 48h à partir de la réception de vos documents

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Nous prenons en charge vos formalités de demande de VISA à travers notre partenaire SACEF.

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Nous nous chargeons de vos traductions à travers notre partenaire Getando


Nos Cours

Session de préparation au Toefl IBT

Intensive TOEFL courses taught by Michael SCHUSTER,

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Session de préparation au TOIEC

Intensive TOEFL courses taught by Peter Giaschi, B.Ed., MA Ed. Peter is the Director of English with Getusion International. He has 25+ years of experience teaching TOEFL in 6 different countries. He'll ensure you obtain the best possible result on your TOEFL test.

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Préparation au Tage Mage

Le stage de 5 jours sera entièrement dédié au Tage Mage. Le programme sera le suivant :

Jour 1 : présentation des épreuves et des méthodes
Jour 2 : exercices d’approfondissement en compréhension/expression/raisonnement
Jour 3 : exercices d’approfondissement en logique/calcul/conditions minimales
Jour 4 : concours blancs de niveau standard et corrections commentées
Jour 5 : concours blancs de niveau difficile et corrections commentées

3 semaines plus tard, un concours blanc supplémentaire vous sera proposé.

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Notre Equipe

Presentation de l'equipe

We have a diverse team of advisors composed of highly efficient professionals with an adequate knowledge base of the Tunisian educational system and institutions. Our team also comprises of advisors who themselves have acquired personal expertise in the international educational system as advisors and as students themselves abroad.  We at TISC are all here to ensure that you receive the best guidance towards achieving your academic and professional goals abroad. 


Consulting Canada

Suite à de nombreuses demandes, l'agence TISC propose un nouveau service de conseil et placement au canada.

City University LONDON

Mr Rolf Jeperson nous fera l'honneur de présenter les programme de city university LONDON courant Novembre 2013.


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